How To Setup Maven Project In Intellij IDEA


Java has been popular programming language since its inception. And if you are willing to code in JAVA then this article will provide you step by step guide of installation of JAVA, JAVA IDE and project setup.

  • Java
  • Intellij Idea
  • Maven


I don’t need to give an introduction to Java. Most of you reading this might have Java installed and configured. But I’m providing these step for those who are first time doing this.

Installing Java

Go to ‘’  and Click on ‘Free Java Download’
Then agree to terms and conditions and download executable file.
Double click on executable file, it will auto download java and install on your machine.

Intellij Idea

Intellij Idea is Integrated Development Environment. On personal note I just loved this IDE, so I would encourage if haven’t tried Intellij please give try you will not regret decision. Intellij Idea comes with 2 edition ‘Community Edition’ and ‘Ultimate Edition’. We are going to use ‘Community Edition’ as its free and its supports Java, Maven, Version Control, Code Inspector, Android development and much more. Ultimate addition is basically used website development that we don’t need.

Installing Intellij Idea Community Edition

Go to ‘’ and click on ‘download’

Configuring Intellij Idea

Intellij Idea environment first time may feel overwhelming with too many options on board.  But don’t get confused please configure below settings and you will be using this with ease.

Click on ‘File’ then on ‘Setting’ then Intellij will provide you dialog box which where you can set global level settings. These setting you may want to do once you create project.

Change Keymap : You are new to Intellij before that you must be using Eclipse or any other IDE. So common problem you will face is change in HOTKEYS. But don’t worry you can use same eclipse hotkeys in Intellij just changing Keymap.

Enabling View : Click on ‘View’ Menu and select below options.

Toolbar will enabled below main menu bar which provides easy action buttons to control for saving, execution and etc.

Tool Buttons will be enabled on right hand side which will provide quick toggle buttons for build tools likes Maven, Ant and Database. Which comes handy for execution.

Status Bar will be enabled to bottom left hand side gives options to view favorites and breakpoints.

Navigation Bar will enabled below the newly enabled ‘Toolbar’ which will give you breadcrumb.


Installing Maven

Go to ‘’ and download ‘Source Zip Archive’  under link.


Configure Maven

Exact downloaded zip file to desired location. Open Intellij global setting and search for maven. Browse extracted location to set maven.


We have all done prerequisite setup which was necessary in order to proceed with Rest Assured API Automation. Java will provide necessary platform to build project. Intellij will be great help while writing code. Maven will be used remote build execution.


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